I got my first camera, a Canon AE-1, when I was 12. It was a gift from my dad. He was our family’s official photographer since before I was born. We’re big on tradition, so as my parents’ first born I was next in line for the duty. I learned how to use a camera shooting my family and our community. But it was when we traveled that I found my passion for landscapes.

Family photography would be my primary discipline for more than a decade. And when I got married and had kids, I kept at it, capturing everything from the simplicity (and madness) of ordinary life to the pomp of our grandest celebrations. But once my kids reached school age, I decided to take a more intentional approach to photography and, really, to life.

I started taking regular nature hikes with my camera in tow, the challenge a little greater with each new adventure. At the same time, I also started logging more hours in the digital world, using social media to talk shop with other photographers.

Eventually, online connections led to real-world creative exchanges in cities and remote regions of the World, where we find perches to set up our cameras and be humbled by the epicness of the natural world. I’ve spent hundreds of hours gazing at stunning expanses of earth, sea, and sky and trying to relay those memories to a broader community through my photography. It never gets old, and I always have a new destination in mind.

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