How to Transform Your Home with Wall Art

Your home is your sanctuary. How can you make sure it reflects your unique interests and makes you feel comfortable? Whether you’re living in your own home or a rental, you can use wall art to instantly transform your home into a place you actually want to be.

Match the Vibe of the Room

Every room has a specific vibe or feeling to it. When you walk in, you catch onto that feeling pretty quickly, even if you can’t quite identify it. Wall art can help you enhance, change, or define the feeling of a room. If you want to project a specific feeling in a room, the artwork you place on the walls can play a vital role. For a room to be calm and inviting, hang pieces that are tranquil and warm. For a room to be inspiring, look for wall that makes you feel motivated to get to work. Whatever you want the rooms in your house to feel like, search for wall art that embodies that feeling and hang it around each room.

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Unify the Pieces

Whenever possible, it’s best to hang artwork that has something in common. This leads to a greater sense of unity in a room and helps your home feel more put-together. Similarities don’t have to be in the subject of the artwork itself. You can match frames, sizes, colors, artwork mediums, and other characteristics as well. The point is to emphasize the artwork itself by removing distracting elements. Having something to unify all your artwork makes a room feel more planned and finished instead of thrown together.

Find the Focal Point

What makes your house special, and draws attention in each room? Use wall art to highlight the focal point of every room and make the bright spots shine even more. A good example of this is hanging a large piece of wall art above a fireplace mantle. Fireplaces naturally attract attention. A large painting above the mantle fills up the room and leaves a strong impression on your guests.

Mystic Forest in the Olympic National Park, Washington | MItal Patel

Arrange before You Hang

When it comes to hanging artwork, don’t make any sudden moves. Always plan the layout before you put any nails in the wall, so you can find the best place for each picture without ruining your walls. A great way to plan is to cut out pieces of paper that are the same sizes as the wall art you’re hanging. Use clear tape to stick them to the wall and see how the different shapes and sizes work together. Arranging ahead of time is especially vital if you’re setting up a gallery wall with a lot of different artworks. Don’t arrange as you go! Plan your arrangement so the end result looks purposeful, allowing you and your guests to pay more attention to the artwork itself.

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Don’t Forget about Smaller Spaces!

It’s easy to overlook small spaces in your home, saving your decorating prowess for larger, more prominent places. But, you can add a lot of character to your home by using wall art to detail some of the smaller spaces in each room. For example, a small framed picture resting on a bookshelf or a brightly colored painting hanging in the hallway can make each room feel more unique and lived-in. These small, finishing details give people something new to discover each time they visit, and work together to make your home feel more complete.

Your home is a space where you should be able to live freely and comfortably. Use wall art in combination with your other décor and furnishings to transform your home into a place where you feel truly at home.